Learning should be fun! We believe in celebrating the joy and wonder of childhood in everything we do, with laughter in abundance, to inspire a love of learning. Excel Academy is intentionally designed to help your child feel happy and excited about the day ahead. In our welcoming, playful classrooms, Excel Academy educators proudly nurture and cherish all of the traits that make each child truly special. Come grow with us at Excel Academy!

Early Education Philosophy

Every element of the Excel Academy experience is part of our joyful mission to make children feel happy and parents feel confident. When we first opened Excel, we realized the importance of offering children an early start in play-based early education and the remarkable impact it can have on their lifelong development.

Our Approach

At Excel Academy, our educators inspire children’s curiosity, creativity and ingenuity. Through a combination of play and guided activities, our approach fosters a passion for lifelong learning and discovery.

Child-Centered Learnings

Our learning guidance tools help customize each child’s approach to learning and facilitate conversation between educators and families. Based on each child’s individual learning journey, appropriate and attainable goals are set with children’s teachers to help children achieve the next milestone.

Classroom Evironments

The sensory experiences within our classrooms create an environment that prioritizes your child’s safety and well-being. Our personal, welcoming atmosphere offers peace of mind as your child is embraced daily with hugs and laughter in our classrooms.

Musical Sprouts

Excel Academy proprietary Musical Sprouts program has been developed by board-certified Music Therapists to support the weekly curriculum and help children achieve developmental milestones in cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and language areas.

Family Involvement

We welcome you into the school to discover the classroom experience firsthand, or join us at a school event to connect with your teachers and other families about your child’s joyful learning experiences.